Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Capitol V and lowercase v

I started with the capitol V.  First I cut a rectangle about 7″ long and 5 inches wide.  I  pressed a center lengthwise fold in the fabric to keep myself centered.  
I sewed a 2″ strip on a slant, from upper left towards the lower right, making sure it crossed the fold, but not by too much.  I trimmed the edge: saving that trimmed piece.  

I laid the second leg at an angle, again making sure the intersection crossed at the center fold. I stitched along that outer righthand edge, then trimmed.

Sew the first reserved wedge piece onto the left side of the first arm of the V, seen above. 

You can also see in the photo above that I placed a rectangle of background fabric behind the righthand arm of the V.  I folded the piece of fabric over the strip, as I did in the letter M.  Below the fold is circled in orange.

I used the fold to act as a guide for the seam.  I flipped the V-assembly facedown onto the rectange, aligning the outer edge of the V with the fold, then seamed it in a 1/4" seam.  Trim the excess background fabric along that slanting seam.

Before final trimming.

Trimmed up.  I whacked off the upper outer corners leaving little right-angle corners when I trimmed it off.

I made the lower case v the same way, laying on the first strip, using the fold technique to sew on the second. Below is the overlay of the ruler, showing overall dimensions.  I used 1 1/2″ strips to create this letter.

v is for value and Village Faire

Village Faire, from here (No. 117)
I started putting dishtowels on my smaller Schnibbles-pattern quilts the summer I made these.  Here’s the back of this, with a dishtowel from the Lakes District in England:

Back of Village Faire
Yes, we are fans of Wallace and Grommit.